Cancer Rehabilitation


In India, traditional medicinal knowledge is very scientific and rich due to it is in practice since more than 5000 years, where many natural products are used as medicine. After the famous bio-piracy case of U.S. patent - TURMERIC for healing - (patent No. 5,401,504 ), The "Council for Scientific and Industrial Research" (C.S.I.R) in India have digitalize more than 35,000 prescriptions and remedies for various diseases under the project Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL).

Ayurveda can be helpful in the management of cancer many ways, as prophylactic, palliative, curative & supportive and no doubt it helps to improve quality of life.

Be-Positive Rehabilitation Provides the following for the Cancer Patient. TREATMENT PERIOD IS for TWO MONTHS.
Admission will be taken only after completing RADIOTHERAPY and CHEMOTHERAPY.

1. Adjuvant Therapy or Post Radiation: Ayurevda Prescribes Rasyana Chikitsha. Rasayana nourishes     the body, boosts the immunity, and keeps the body and mind at its best.

The common complication after radiation/chemotherapy is Lack of appetite and Constipation. Rasayana chicktsha aimed at improving the appetite and improves the digestion.

2. There are many conditions when chemo therapy, radio therapy or surgery are contra indicated or     not prescribed due to many reasons like the age factor, body resistance, severe side     effects,location etc.

Drugs and herbs of Ayurveda used according to specific system location:

Brain Cancer - Shatavari (Aparagus), Yashtimadhu (licorice), Mandukaparni (Bacopa ) & Kastoori Bhairav Rasa, Brahmi Vati, Smritisagar Rasa etc.

Oropharyngeal Cancers - Pathyadi kwath, Varunadi Kwath, Kaishor guggulu, Kasamarda (Cassia oxidentalis), Mahalaxmivilas Rasa etc.

Lung Cancers - Malla sindura, Samir pannaga Rasa, Somal Bhasma, Kantakari, Vyaghri, Vasasava, Kanakasava, Chitraka Haritakiavaleha, Bhallatakavaleha, Pippali (Piper longum), Hirak Rasayana etc.

Stomach Cancers: Shatavari (Asparagus resimosus), Amlaki (Philanthus amblica), Aloe Vera, Changeri Ghrita, Mahakalyanaka Ghritam, Bhomi Amalaki, (Philanthus nurare), Avipattikara Churnam, etc.

Intestinal Cancers: Shigru (Moringa olifera), Panchamrit parpti, Brihada Gangadhara Churnam, Kutaja Ghanavati, Kutaja avaleha, etc.

Female Genital Cancers: Ashoka (Saraka Ashoka), mukta panchamrita rasa, Fala Ghrita, Dhanvantara Tailam etc.

Mail Genital Cancers: Shilajit, vanga Bhasma, Chandrodaya Rasa, chyawana prash, Triphala, Makardhvaja etc.

Liver Cancers; Bhumvamalaki, Bhallataka, Triphala, Guduchi, Arogyavardhini,

"Medicine and Surgery add years to the life while Rehabilitation adds life to the years."